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Stop getting ignored

Your Brand, Our Tech

We are all too aware of how much time and money is wasted on things like paper-based business cards in the modern workplace. So why would anyone want to use something so outdated?

INFLOW Enterprise is a new business card system for companies wanting to connect faster, more efficiently, and more cost-effectively.

If you’re running a modern company, you’re going to want to get INFLOW.

What’s the first thing you’ll notice when you try our digital business card? Its durability.

The INFLOW Card is 0.85 millimeters thick and features waterproof/tearproof materials that make it long-lasting, even when handled frequently.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to how you can use INFLOW.

Your employee sets up their profile with a name, job title, and brief description of their duties that can be scanned using state-of-the-art NFC technology (like Apple Pay!). Once the business card is scanned, their contact information can be saved instantly without any paperwork or manual updates!

Stop getting ignored

Contact Card

Transfer customized profile contact instantly

No App Required

A notification will show up instantly on receiving devices

Always Synced

Any changes to your profile are instantly updated

Privacy Protected

No passwords or data retrieved when tapping your smart cart


High durability and waterproof. You will never need another business card


Scan other INFLOW users in app to save the to your looplink contacts

Stop getting ignored

Did you know the average person gets 114 calls a month, with roughly 52% of them being from unknown numbers and only 9% of those unknown calls are answered? 

How many calls do you think are answered when the contact is saved to your phone? 


Stop getting ignored. Make your business stand out with INFLOW Card. 

Our customizable digital business cards can be fully branded so that you can share all your company information all at once! 

Unlike traditional business cards, INFLOW Card allows all your contact information to be transferred with a wave of a card and saved instantly. 

INFLOW Card can help you, your employees, and your sales reps increase answered calls by roughly 61%! 

Discover what else INFLOW Card can do for your business. 

Connect Faster

Transfer contact information instantly. Simply wave your card and watch as your new connection saves your data with one click

Save Money

Customize your package to fit all your company needs without a graphic designer, expensive shipping, or having to reorder cards

Stay Current

Ensure your contact information is always accurate and current without waiting on new cards to ship, even with staffing changes

Don’t Miss Out

The difference between money made and money lost can be as simple as leaving your business card at home. Never be without it again with INFLOW Card


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