Shad East

Founder + CEO

Shad’s entrepreneurial journey began early on when he founded his first business at 14 years old. Since then, Shad has worked tirelessly in the health and wellness, tech, and sales industries to help reduce the carbon footprint and encourage conscious awakening.

Problems posed by the COVID-19 pandemic inspired INFLOW Card. As communities became more secluded and human interaction became more difficult, Shad sought to find a way to create safe, touch-free connections. He strongly believes in building community and was determined to find a way to help rebuild human relationships in a safe and environmentally sustainable way post-COVID. Shad believes that INFLOW Card will help bridge social gaps created by COVID and bring communities together for a more holistic lifestyle–touch-free!

Fiona Basa-Reyes

Marketing Officer

Fiona Basa-Reyes is the CEO and Founder of iMedistrat. She is a transformational executive with strong network development and efficacy in growing healthcare organizations with innovative efficiencies and implementing strategic alliances. Before starting iMedistrat, Fiona was the CEO of Kindred Hospital for 8 years and was in healthcare management for over 18 years. She has seen firsthand the urgent need to integrate technology in an industry that has ample opportunity to greatly benefit from it. The recent pandemic has underscored the need for improved operations, particularly in the area of medical supplies distribution. Fiona has an MBA, with an emphasis in entrepreneurship from Pepperdine University and a bachelor’s degree in business and kinesiology from the University of Southern California. Phone:+1 (859) 254-6589

Brad Fox

Business Development

Brad Fox is a serial Entrepreneur and Business Advisor with 15 years of experience in Big Four IT Strategy Consulting. After experiencing a life-changing injury in 2014, Brad had a career overhaul and now focuses solely on passion projects, primarily helping develop newer companies with the potential to change our world. Brad has a unique ability to harness his passion for mindfulness, creative problem-solving, holistic health and wellness, technology, sustainability, and improving the business world into a more productive, automated, and efficient Global Community.

INFLOW Enterprises is a dream company for Brad because he believes that technology can help to solve so many of our existing cross-industry inefficiencies. INFLOW’s NFC Chip Solutions have the ability to unite diverse communities while also reducing our overall carbon footprint. Brad believes INFLOW is a perfect example of how technology can improve old, antiquated, and non-conscious processes to make life easier for people and companies worldwide.

Chad Concolino

Chief of Sales